Monday, 7 December 2015

This has simply moved me to tears. Its the Hatikva, the Israeli national anthem, played on restored violins owned by Jews during the Holocaust. This performance was held in the capital of Israel: Jerusalem.

I'm trying to imagine everyone of those violins were played by Jewish concentration camp detainees and were made to be played as millions of men women and children marched to the gas chambers.

I think of the hatred towards Jews today spreading across the world, I think of the thousands of rockets that are fired into Israel and the daily stabbings that are happening NOW. I think of those who post hatred towards Jews and think how proud we are that we can raise above it all and still survive.

The next eight days are the days of lights for the Jews around the world It is Hanukkah and are prays say: The miracle of Hannukah is available for all of us to tap into...Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Atheists. We are all sparks of the same Universe, and the quicker we embrace that, the quicker we humans will live in peace and harmony. Chag Sameach, miracles and Light to all.

Look whos celebrating Hanukkah with the Jews in UK and even put a photo on his Twitter page.

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