Thursday, 31 December 2015

According to official reports, the reason oil rich Arab states refuse to help the Palestinians, and in many Muslim countries they are treated like second rate citizens and kept in appalling conditions, is because they need them to look like they are kept as prisoners by Israel giving good cause for the world to hate Israel. Think about it: in 2014 Israel/Palestinian war can you name one Arab state that came to the aid of the Palestinians? While the Hate Israeli mob continue to mouth off about Israel persecuting Palestinians ask yourself this Why are the Arab Gulf countries silent on Gaza?

An interesting report by the Gatestone Institute International Policy Council makes some interesting points .
Since 1948, the Arab countries and government have been paying mostly lip service to the Palestinians.

"They have money and oil, but don't care about the Palestinians, even though we are Arabs and Muslims like them. What a Saudi or Qatari sheikh spends in one night in London, Paris or Las Vegas could solve the problem of tens of thousands of Palestinians." — Palestinian human rights activist.

"Some Arabs were hoping that Israel would rid them of Hamas." — Ashraf Salameh, Gaza City.

"Some of the Arab regimes are interested in getting rid of the resistance in order to remove the burden of the Palestinian cause, which threatens the stability of their regimes." — Mustafa al-Sawwaf, Palestinian political analyst

These Gulf States spend billions on luxuries like private yachts.

on private jets costing hundreds of millions.

They spend billions on gambling, huge palaces and fast cars and yet the price of just one jet, yacht etc would build a hospital, rebuild homes that were destroyed during the war. So why? Is my question.

Why does the world not give a shit about the thousands of Palestinians starving to death in Syria and yet continues to condemn Israel that supply tons of food and medicines into Gaza every WEEK? Why does the world not condemn Egypt for closing the boarder into Gaza and destroying hundreds of Palestinian homes on it's boarders. Why?

Palestinians argue that the Arab world was perhaps too busy with the 2014 Mondial [Soccer World Cup] or Ramadan feasts to pay enough attention to the war in the Gaza Strip. But the Mondial has ended and most Arabs still don't seem to be interested in what is going on between Palestinians and Israel.

The facts are clear for all of you to see, but what is not clear is that most Arab states are now co operating with Israel in the war against terror. They have seen the success Israel have had, against all odds, since 1948 to win ALL wars that on paper they had no chance. They have seen them take on a defeat terror organisations like the PLO, Hezbollah, Al Qadea, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hamas etc and now they are hoping that Israel will defeat ISIS the biggest terrorist threat the world has known since the rise of Nazi Germany. Only laast week a German reporter who infiltrated the inner sanctum of ISIS reported that the only country ISIS are scared of is Israel.

So who do the Palestinians in Gaza hate most? The Arab states who couldn't give a shit about them, Israel who are the only country to allow them FREE medical care, FREE schools and employment etc or Hamas who today announced that.: 'That they will not allow Palestinians living in Gaza to ring in the New Year unlike the Palestinians living in Israel who will enjoy the vast New Year celebrations. The owners of restaurants and hotels in the Gaza Strip have been warned not to hold parties on this occasion.

Ayman Al-Batniji, spokesman for the Hamas police, expressed astonishment over the intention of some hotels and venues to hold parties on New Year's Eve.

Al-Batniji said that such celebrations were "contrary to our traditions and an imitation of the West.” He said that the celebrations were also in violation with Islamic teachings."

Its important to understand that there will never be peace in Gaza while its people support the terror orchestrated by Hamas. My question here i do the majority of Palestinians living in Gaza truly support Hamas or are they simply terrified of them. Was it a democratic vote that got them into power or was it a ballot by the gun. I havent the answer but I favor the latter.

A Happy New Year to the people of Gaza, rise up against the savages of Hamas , rid yourself of this vermin and ever lasting peace will prevail.

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