Sunday, 13 December 2015

As the hatred towards Israel continues and idiots continue to report that the IDF (Israels Defense Force) are massacring Palestinians my question today is . Are they? If so where? This question CAN NOT BE ANSWERED! Why? Because IDF don't kill, murder slaughter like Hamas. The only savagery that's going on in Israel is the thousands of rockets coming in from Gaza and the daily knifing of Jewish Israelis. The idiots report about the amount of Palestinians that have died in response for the brutality of these knife attacks on innocent Israelis, wouldn't you shoot anyone if it had to be your life or theirs. I've posted many times , If Palestinians don't want to be shot DON'T attack Israelis, or run over them in cars etc. What part of that do you not understand.

Whilst the IDF are out fighting these waves of terror they leave behind wives,mothers and children. Here is one Israeli child's way of dealing with it when he cry's Daddy Come Home.

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