Sunday, 27 September 2015

Well Well Well someone might be taking a short holiday soon, a holiday I could have sent him on free of charge many times but in the end felt sorry for the poor dope head.....thanks again Mr G for this...

Subsection 4 of Articled 22 of the New Penal Code of 1996 states that committing a crime for racist reasons will be considered as being under worsening circumstances.

Article 22 of the New Penal Code came into force on 24 May 1966 [2]

The following are worsening circumstances:

(4) To commit a crime for racist reasons, antisemitic or of another type, discriminating due to the victim's ideology, religion, beliefs, the ethnic group, race or nation to which he belongs, his gender of sexual orientation, or the illness or physical handicap of which he suffers.'

Subsection 1 of Article 510 of the New Penal Code of 1996 states that discrimination, hate or violence against an anti-Semitic background (as well as other discriminatory practices, calling someone a Jew or Yid in an abusive or aggressive manner) are offenses carrying prison terms of one to three years as well as a fine.

Article 510 of the New Penal Code, came into force on 24 May 1996 [3]

'(1) Those who bring about discrimination, hatred or violence against groups of associations for racist, antisemitic or other reasons regarding ideology, religion or beliefs, family status, ethnic, race or national origin, gender, sexual orientation, illness or physical, will be punished with one to three years in prison and a fine equivalent to six to twelve months'. 

The latest posting accusing the Irish Zionist Jew who lives in Marbella of taking money from criminals, drug pushers etc. Thanks again Mr G who as kept track of this sad excuse for a human being over the last 5 years and has copied every piece of abusive material spewed out over the years.

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