Monday, 7 September 2015

100,000 Palestinians have fled Syria to Europe.....

Head of Palestinian Forum in Europe says that around 1,000 Palestinians have drowned at sea on the way to Europe. Shame mounts on Gulf Arabs as surging refugee crisis highlights glaring inaction

You'll notice the word 'Shame' is used to describe the Arab countries inaction's to this crises? I would like to add to that; 'Shame' on all of you anti Israeli bloggers including YOU Lora A. Lucero who bangs on and on about the plight of the Palestinians and the 'Shame' on the Israelis treatment of them. These armchair worriers ONLY are interested in Palestinians ONLY when Israel is involved. Many times I have posted about the 25,000 Palestinians starving to death in the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus. Residents of Syria’s during 2014 felt so sorry for the starving Palestinians that, as poor as they were themselves, continued to bring food parcels into the refuge camp.

According to Philip Louter, director of the Middle East and North Africa region at Amnesty, “Syrian forces are committing war crimes by using starvation of civilians as a weapon of war. The harrowing accounts of Palestinian families having to resort to eating cats and dogs, and civilians attacked by snipers as they forage for food, have become all too familiar details of the horror story that has materialized in Yarmouk.

Have I read anything on social media pages about this. Have a read from the so called 'humanitarians about the plight of these poor Palestinians. NOT A WORD!! Have I read about Egypt closing its boarders with Gaza and destroying hundreds of homes inside Gaza so as to leave a large buffer zone? NOT A WORD. Palestinians can NOT get work in Egypt!!! The ONLY way to make sure anti Israel bloggers will publicize these events is by adding Israeli into the mix. You should be fucking ashamed of yourselves. It seems that it's hatred of Israel that motivates you!!!!

So if you REALLY care why not start here.

Some 500,000 Palestinians have fled their homes in Palestinian refugee camps in Syria. Israeli field hospitals have helped over 1,000 refugees in need of urgent medical help.

Only 200,000 of them have remained inside Syria. They are starving, they need help urgently.

He also revealed that about 1,000 Palestinians have drowned in the sea while they were on their way to Europe, and that 100 of them were still missing.

About 430 Palestinians and Syrians went missing while they were on their way to Italy, and another 2,300 drowned as they tried to reach Greece!

This crises can only be helped by the eradication of ISIS and dictator lead countries. I continue to be baffled what is taking the world so fucking long to put together joint operations of ground troops to go in and vaporize these savages.

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