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Money raised will help fund therapy for children with cerebral palsy by the Bobath method.
Individual and group work with children with behavioural difficulties and autism spectrum disorders.
Individual and group sessions for alternative communication for children with communication difficulties.
Group training by the Montessori method.

Just and his stunning wife Ani have been quietly contributing to local orphanages over the years. This is what Justin had to say about this up and coming weekends event...
                                              The Story of Alice

I wanted to share a big reason why I decided to put the event together in the first place for Karin Dom. About 2 years ago we had has some exciting news, Milena who has worked for me for over 4 years was going to have a baby. This was exciting not just because it was Milena but because her partner George worked for me in the past and I was very fond of them both. Joro and Milena had a stunning baby girl named Alice! Shortly after Alice was born it became apparent Alice was not responding to sounds as she should have been and they started making tests. After making test after test, George and Milena realized Alice is in-fact with 100% hearing loss. After the realization sunk in Joro and Milena needed to start plaining there next step witch was a cochlear hearing implant. Unfortunately there is very little support out there. Now the next challenge for them was how to fine the support needed in the different aspects of the situation. I panicked and started to make calls, one of the calls was too Karin Dom. I knew of Karin Dom and up to that point had only help them with collection boxes in our business and selling Christmas cards. But this time I called them hoping that they can shed some light on what’s Joro and Milena’s next move. Well it seemed I called the right place, Karin Dom agreed to see Alice the next day. I was shocked; I just expected them to give me a phone number or two! Well Karin Dom did much more than that, Alice now visits Karin Dom and works with one of their counselors each and every week in order to equip Alice with the tools needed to enjoy a healthy and happy life. Thanks to Karin Dom, Alice’s life and so many other lives have been changed for the better.

In my late teen’s one of my best friend’s brothers had Down syndrome, every summer I would help look after him. I loved each and every day I spent with Spencer and ever since then I have always said one day I want to dedicate a big part of my life to help children just like Spencer, well; I may not be in the position just yet to dedicate such a large part of my life to children with special needs as I would wish too, as I must; like many people out there feed my family first. But I had to do something big for Karin Dom, after all they have given Alice and so many children new opportunities in life witch they may have not had if places like Karin Dom did not exist.
Now knowing how amazing Karin Dom really is it was time to start my mission. I dreamed up the event, started talking to my friends and family, called some local businesses to see if I could get their support and to my amazement each and every company who I called was willing to help me out. From musicians to lights to furnishing and decoration, sound equipment children’s entertainment it all was given to the cause. I don’t think to this point one part of the festival has had to be paid for, even the local Medea and national Medea where on board. The people of Bulgaria loved the initiative and wanted to help!
Alice managed to get an implant thanks to the tireless efforts of her mum and dad as well as their friends; to gatherer Karin Dom by her side life is looking good for Alice.
I put it to the people of Bulgaria that knowing you attendance to Усмихни се. Карин дом“ or a donation will change many more children lives just like Alice. I don’t believe there is one person out there who would not want to be a part of Усмихни се. Карин дом“.
Smile is an event for all of the Varna community, it is a chance to bring us together and to work as a team to make a difference and teach our children (the future of Bulgaria) that if we work together we can and will make a huge difference, not only in our lives but in the lives of the people around us. We may not be responsible for the past; but we are most defiantly ALL responsible for the future.
Be part of the future; everyone is welcome to Усмихни се. Карин дом“. I promise this is going to be an event you will not forget! Come and see us on the 18th,19th or 20th of September it is going to be a blast.

So proud of my boy as am of all my family.....

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