Monday, 21 September 2015

Explosive New Documentary Reveals How Hamas Fooled The Entire World

So here's a question for the anti Israeli mob including the likes of Lora A. Lucero and George Galloway; 'Where to go from here?'

Perhaps you and your followers will deny this and somehow believe Israel got into Gaza to make this report, if so your hatred of Israel is so intense it has blinded you of reality. Your hatred of Israel refuses to allow your brain to see and learn the truth. You really are a sad lot who spend most of your time stirring up trouble and hatred between Israeli's and Palestinians and then blame Israel for not bring peace to the table! . Watch the video and stop been suckered in by the terrorist organisations like Hamas and before them the PLO. Why not try to be helpful rather than destructive. After watching this video watch the video in my earlier posting below of Bassin Eid and as I said if you don't want to believe me , a Jew, perhaps you'll listen and learn from a Palestinian!

While were at it, more rockets were fired into Israel today!!! How long will it take for the Israeli armed forces patients to crack and they will go in a blow the fuck out of those savages. Then you can all spew out your hatred unabated ????.

Special note: If anyone reading this knows how to get my blog to Ms Lucero please do. Thank you.

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