Friday, 25 September 2015

Had a great laugh this morning when I received an email from Mr G telling me to have a look at someone called the clownboys blog, a blog I have refused to look at for well over the past years . In short its full of ranting by some poor,aging jealous, obsessed man who's soul purpose in life seems to be having a go at me and worse he believes I read his rubbish. The reason I got the email is that Mr G says he's continuing copy and pasting from my Facebook, so against my better judgment I had a look.
The Blog is headed up by a large photo of a very small group of radical anti-Zionists, the extremist Neturei Karta sect. They are a group of nutters who have absolutely NO following among Jews around the world and their numbers are minuscule. In short they are as important as Donald Trump is to the Mexicans!!! But, yet this poor old man believes they are talking on behalf of the Jews world wide. Sad as it is that's his opening gambit!!

So to his blog, I scrolled quickly through it and wonder why he copies and pastes things that everyone can read anyway? So whats the point. The only comments that follow some of his partings are is from himself under another name called Tommy J****. But the most relevant thing is he seems to be obsessed with naked women and loves to copy and paste photographs of women breast feeding! Yep breast feeding , sick! Starting to get the picture now? But it doesn't stop there he's copied a series of full frontal or half naked women and replaced their heads with TV presenter Carol Vordermans head (perhaps Carol should know about this) its totally disgusting and needs to be reported (he always uses these words to try and protect is behavior , 'Not My Words' He believes by printing pictures in the public domain and claiming there not his means he can escape been caught. Sorry your are a sicko! .

Hashish also plays a big part in his blog , perhaps that explains a lot! .

I remember about 4 years ago, perhaps the last time a read this obscene piece of garbage, he made a statement that he'd NEVER mention to ME again. What a fucking joke. Looking through this rubbish I'm referred on every page (not always by name I might add)

This poor loser is obsessed by me and its like having a stalker that uses a blog. Now I know why I refused to read it and why this promise will stand again. Good by loser!

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