Sunday, 27 September 2015

Here's something that always makes me fucking angry when the anti Israel mob write: 'Palestinian kids arrested in Israel for throwing STONES
Well folks time for a little reality check here and lets look at those 'STONES'.

Now look at those pictures again and imagine if your wife or child got one of these 'STONES' in the face. The finial photograph is of a car that an Israeli baby died in. These 'stones' are even described by some media as 'pebbles!' What you don't see are are these thugs using sling shots that send the 'pebble' at the speed of a bullet as in the next photograph

So, in your blinkered eyes these 'kids' shouldn't be arrested? After all don't you refer to Israeli solders as 'savages' for doing so! Odd never mentioning the savagery dished out by Hamas. And that folks is what gives the game away. You lot couldn't care less about the 'innocent' stone throwers as you like to call them or the ordinary Palestinian, your hatred of Israel blinds you of every normal persons thinking. Let me know what country in the world would allow their, army, police or citizens be attacked by this type of brutality.

BREAKING NEWS: Reuters 25/09/2015:Following an intensive Multi-security agency search for the terrorists whose rock barrage led to the death of motorist Alexander Levlovitz in Jerusalem on Rosh Hashana, police announced Saturday night that four Palestinian teenage suspects have been arrested.
Levlovitz, a 64-year-old grandfather, died hours after losing control of his vehicle on the night of September 13 when its windshield was shattered by a rock thrown from an overpass in Armon Hanatziv neighborhood while he was driving home with his two daughters

To help you try to understand why these 'KIDS' are arrested and sent to prison. Not so long ago this headline rang out in UK: Essex police say there may have been 30 incidents of rocks being thrown from bridges along the A12 in the county over the past three years, following two attacks on Friday evening, one of which left a woman seriously injured. The police have arrested a group of youths and are being held awaiting trial.

So my question is: Is it okay for British police to arrest these youths but not the Israeli police who face these thugs almost daily?

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