Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Over 24 million have now watched this video 'BIG Boy Being Bullied' But I have a very different interpretation of this video  Firstly have a look...

Now here is the way I see it and how I can relate it to the Israeli/Palestinian crisis: The big boy is Israel and the little skinny boy is the Palestinians in fact lets call him Hamas. As you can see in the video the little kid (Hamas)attacks the big kid (Israel) for no apparent reason. He hits him and goads him on until eventually the big boy (Israel) has had enough and destroys the little kid (Hamas) with some terrible injuries, far worse than the big kid got.

Conclusion: Although it was the skinny kid (Hamas) who attacked the big kid (Israel) in the first place the whole school sympathizes with the little kid (Hamas) because of the extent of his injuries. i.e If Hamas fires rockets into Israel doing little damage and Israel respond blowing up a few houses this is looked on by being heavy handed and unfair. Get my point?

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