Monday, 1 June 2015

Do you really want to know how sick Hamas is and how they don't give a shit about 'their' beloved people:

Militants torch Gaza water park shut down by Hamas
Forty unidentified militants storm tourist resort, tying and beating guards before setting buildings ablaze.

Gaza's aquapark attraction "Crazy Water Park" was vandalized and partially set ablaze, the seaside resort's management said.

Around 40 Hamas militants stormed the tourist resort, breaking and destroying items and setting fire to its restaurant and administration buildings.

The tourist attraction houses three swimming pools, water slides and various cafes and other facilities.

Alladein al-Araj, the attraction's director general, said in a statement that the militants also tied the hands of the guards and beat them.

He said that in addition to the resort's management offices, and restaurant, a three-storey building that includes wedding halls was also vandalized.

Describing it as "an awful attack," al-Araj said he held the attorney-general of the Hamas administration in the salient responsible, since he had issued an order in September to close the resort for three weeks.

The Crazy Water Park in Gaza burnt by Hamas Video shows the burnt facilities Gazans used to enjoy. Some Palestinians are outraged at the Hamas government for the extremism and tyranny.Human rights activists said that Hamas has recently stepped up its efforts to impose strict Islamic

"I'm astonished that there are fanatical people acting to obstruct the development of tourism in the Gaza Strip," he said.

Thankfully the Palestinians have now rebuilt the park but for how long before Hamas close it again. Hamas do not need the world to see this kind of happy activity in Gaza.


Now I know you don't want to hear it from me or any other Zionist, Jew or Christian so lets try a German in fact the German Foreign Minister who said during a visit to Gaza on Monday that any opening of the enclave's borders and economic recovery from last year's devastating war hinged mainly on ensuring no more rockets are fired at Israel. Did you hear that NO MORE ROCKETS FIRED INTO ISRAEL. Not even you lot of numskulls can interpret that as NO MORE ROCKETS FIRED INTO GAZA. or can you?

"We need local investments, and from abroad. Hence we also need the possibility to export the goods, which are being produced here (in Gaza). This can happen only by opening the borders," Frank-Walter Steinmeier told reporters.

"But the whole truth is: all this will, under most difficult circumstances, happen only when there is real certainty ... that (Gaza) is no longer a launching pad for rockets." Was the clear enough?

The region has been largely quiet since an August cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, although a rocket from Gaza struck a vacant area near the Israeli port city of Ashdod on May 26, and Israel replied with air strikes that also caused no casualties. Tut Tut according to you lot of haters that Israel should of NOT defend itself. Well perhaps your correct.

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