Sunday, 21 June 2015

Being a Sunday and having some time on my hands to do some internet housekeeping, I started to spend a little time reading so called 'friends' Facebook's and blogs especially those that are full of negativity and pure nastiness and quickly began to realise that these particular 'friends' (now deleted) all had a common thread running through them and that is SADNESS and possibly LONELINESS and craving to be a 'somebody', to be respected and possibly even loved. They are mostly elderly and have limited intelligence and that is shown in the fact they hardly ever write their own posts but simply copy and paste. They seem so full of hatred of others and jump on them as soon as they are in trouble hoping their exposure will make it worse for them. These poor souls are deluded and I can write from experience.

As most of you know I went through a dark period during 2010 but shortly after and much to the disapproval of my few critics I picked myself up, raised my head and got on with my life!!! But there were still a few out there who hated this and found it hard to come to terms with the way I turned my life around, in short all they wanted to see was me finished off for once and for all. Why? I have know idea, perhaps I was a reminder of everything they wanted to be themselves. They hunted the press and the internet looking for anything negative about me and then celebrate by posting it on their social media outlets hoping to finally destroy me. Well, the sad thing for them is, they failed and to this day 5 years on two of them continue banging on about me on on their Facebook's and blogs making idiots of themselves! Should I take it as a compliment that they are infatuated by my every move and every word, after all they believe I love publicity and you know what they say 'No publicity is bad etc etc'. The answer is I don't care anymore I have become anesthetized by their name calling

My conclusion is that they are lonely and should be pitied rather than hated, They obviously have no family and if they do they never mention them on their posts, all they do in scare the press looking for anything that covers hatred and sex, They never personally write anything by using this get out clause: 'Not my words' never a good word about anybody or anything. They latch onto losers like Russell Brand and George Galloway ( I see Brand hunting publicity again yesterday, this time its the anti-austerity march he's used as a platform)

The message is: I love my life now, I love my wife, my children, my grandchildren, my family and friends. I love my home and my dog and enjoy everyday that throws up new challenges for me. I feel blessed . So that's it. Have a good Sunday.

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