Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Today is my Birthday 40 again plus IVA!!!! I'm sending this message out to those who follow my blogs but not necessarily my Facebook. It's simple a huge heart felt THANK YOU to the hundreds of messages that I have received (and still receiving) wishing me Happy Birthday.

Something odd happened to my Facebook in the early hours of this morning and I have been told that there is a good chance it was hacked, which is now being investigated. The odd thing I noticed that my mobile phone was receiving messages from about 2am I kept hearing the 'Ping' notice which alerts me to a Facebook Messages (not public comments) These are messages coming in and not on public view . The Pinging started to wake me every few minutes, so I put the phone in my dressing room, but I could still hear the messages coming in, so I got out of bed and took my phone downstairs. Sleep at last!

This morning when I got up I began to look at the messages and they were ALL Happy Birthday Greetings. Odd I thought because there were greetings (as usual) on my Facebook so why were people messaging me?. Throughout the day message after message Ping after Ping began arriving and in the last count there was 543 messages from various friends and acquaintance on the message section and so many on the comments Facebook section. These were joined by 61 emails and various phone calls throughout the day.

Unlike Facebook were you can tick the like icon to thank each Birthday greeting, messages need replying and I have tried catching up in between clients throughout the day and now this evening.

Don't get me wrong, I'm so grateful to everyone of you and will get around to answering every message as soon as possible.

I'm flabbergasted. THANK YOU.

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