Tuesday, 23 June 2015


This a photograph of the coward running for his car as crowds cheered him one yelling: "Fuck off back to Millaband"

An angry mob of left-wing protesters turned on self-styled revolutionary Russell Brand as he joined them on an anti-austerity march.
The millionaire comedian had to be held back in the VIP area on Parliament Square as a group screamed 'f*** off back to Miliband' - a reference to his backing of Labour at the general election.
The group also called him a 'turncoat' for telling fans to vote for Mr Miliband's party while demanding an anti-capitalist revolution in Britain.
Brand, 40, was targeted as he prepared to speak to thousands of people who marched from central London on Saturday in opposition to Government cuts.

Can you lot of Brand fans not now see what a loser this guy is and is attempting to kick start his failing career. Next he'll be picking on Israel!

Mind you Charlotte Church didn't fair much better.

Singer Charlotte Church told the laughing crowed that she hopes his 'd*** falls off' in a row over the NHS.
The star, who also spoke at the anti-austerity rally in London, where she claimed that the Tory Government planned to sell off hospitals and schools.
Benjamin, whose Twitter handle is @screw labour, wrote: 'Just ruptured another testicle laughing at Charlotte Church.
'She said the Tories are going to sell off the schools and hospitals. Bless'
Miss Church, who has called austerity 'unethical, unfair and unnecessary', responded with: 'Keep laughing and hopefully your d*** will fall off.

Now watch your hero being put in his place:

Fuck off back to Miliband' Brand is heckled at march Turncoat! The moment anti-austerity protesters turned on millionaire comedian Russell Brand and told him to 'fuck off back to Miliband' (before he was spotted running off to a waiting car) Comedian targeted by angry mob ahead of speech to 25,000-strong crowd Group were angry about his demand for revolution while backing Labour One screamed: 'You’re a turncoat, Brand. F*** off back to Miliband' Star admitted in speech it was his fault that the Tories beat Labour in May Brand was then seen sprinting off down the street to a waiting car.

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