Friday, 12 June 2015

My love for the royals continues to grow.

Mazel Tov says Prince William!

Prince William shares a joke with Lionel Richie at the Jewish Care reception.
Mazal Tov! Prince William praises British Jews at charity dinner...and charms 101-year-old Dolly with a kiss! Prince William attended 25th anniversary dinner for Jewish welfare charity. The party for Jewish Care was at Alexandra Palace in north London. Charity supports 70,000 people each week through social services.

The Prince, whose late mother and father Prince Charles supported the cause when they attended a similar dinner in 1984, said: ‘This common thread through history – of caring for one another and generosity of time and money – is something many sectors of British society can be rightly proud of.

‘But you in this room deserve particular praise,’ he told the 1,500 guests at the dinner.
‘I know that Jewish Care is viewed as a leader in the social care field and uses its knowledge, expertise and experience to engage in the debate on high quality care, especially in relation to dementia.’

Your Holocaust Survivors Centre is a second home for many people who were liberated 70 years ago from those evil places.
‘All of you in this room, in some way, play your part in making all this happen through this outstanding organisation.
'Through your generosity and commitment, I am sure Jewish Care will continue to thrive and grow for the next 25 years.’

The charity supports 70,000 people every week, through over 70 health and social care services, including 10 care homes, six community and day centres, three centres for people living with dementia as well as mental heath services and independent living apartments.

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