Monday, 29 June 2015

Any anti Semite reading this should hang their head in shame. Israel are not a threat to are very future ISIS are but you chose to be silent. I know why its fear, fear they will come and get you just like they have done in Tunis.

Since a new 'Flotilla' left for Gaza I've been writing that surely this is a huge mistake and simply provocation. Maritime law will NOT allow any ship threatening to break a blockade even if the ships are in international waters. My question is ; Why is this so called humanitarian ship not sailing to Syria where 25,000 Palestinians are starving to death? Now the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has made the same observation when he said yesterday to Gaza flotilla: 'Surely you got lost and meant to help the Syrians being butchered?'


An Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson reports that this morning after careful deliberation and exhaustive diplomatic efforts, Israeli naval forces boarded and searched the flotilla Marianne av Göteborg, preventing the vessel from entering the Gaza Strip.

According to the IDF, Israeli security forces boarded the vessel without incident after passengers made it clear after numerous diplomatic communiques that they would not acquiesce to the army's demands to redirect away from the Gaza Strip. The vessel was being escorted to Ashdod and was expected to arrive later on Tuesday.

Here's a question: Why didn't the 'Flotilla enter through Egyptian waters where Egypt not only has a blockaid on Gaza but only a month ago destroyed hundreds of homes on the boarder with Egypt (which is tightly shut) for security reasons.

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