Sunday, 21 June 2015

Now that I'm finished my housekeeping, may I wish all those who still have fathers or remember them on this Fathers Day Happy Fathers Day....

This is my dad Dr Stanley Boland riding his hunter Crystabell as he did every Saturday afternoon.

MY DAD.....
Realising it's Fathers Day, got me thinking about my dad, Dr Stan. He died much to young, early 60's, after suffering cancer, in fact the main
reason I dedicated so much time fund raising to help build the Cudeca Cancer Hospice was in memory of my father. Unfortunately he didn't live long enough to see the family settle in Marbella or long enough to hear me on radio or on TV. He never knew his great grandchildren who he would have adored.
What sort a man was my dad? He was a much loved family doctor, he was fun loving and enjoyed partying, he had an amazing sense of humor and I hardly ever saw him in a bad mood. . He loved animals and his horse Crystabelle and the dogs Sammy and Bennjy. , in fact he loved life and boy did he live it to the maximum. He was a good dad he only wanted the best for myself, my sisters and my brother. He never stood in the way of anything we wanted to do even when I left school at fifteen because I wanted to be a rock drummer with my band The Kingbees. He had his faults, I've picked up a few of them, but I miss him .

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