Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Why can't the world deal with this Islamic war against us?? Enough is fucking enough!!!
BREAKING NEWS: Our classmates were shot in front of us… I felt bullets flying past my head': Boy aged 10 recounts horror of seeing friends gunned down in Pakistani school slaughter as Taliban fighters massacred more than 140 children. Gunmen in Peshawar entered school and started shooting at random. One terrorist blew himself up in a classroom containing 60 children .TeacherS set on fire in front of pupils, with the children forced to watch.

Malala who was shot by the Taliban simply because she wanted to be educated speak out about the massacre.

While the world mourns for these poor innocent children and their families I got to think how long will it be before some senseless half brain will start to draw Israel into this atrocity. I didn't have to wait long before Francis Butler started mouthing off on my Facebook. You really can't get much lower than that. I suppose Israel is to also blame for the slaughter in Australia on Monday and the thousands of refuges dying of hunger in the dessert of Egypt. Their are some senseless sick people out there but he tops them all and anyone else that thinks like them. But I realise unless they are hating they are unhappy. How sad they must be.

Tonight was the first night Hanukkah, the first candle was lit. At out synagogue we had a dinner to celebrate the festival of lights. There must have been about 400 at the dinner including many ministers from the Ayuntamento including the deputy mayor, the tourism minister and the chief of police. Each in turn were invited to light a candle Jew and non Jew alike. An example to many other countries , Marbella lives in harmony with their Muslim brothers as was shown this evening with the arrival of Mufti of Marbella. Seen her with Raphael Cohen the president of the Jewish community and Non Vice Consul of Israel for Andalusia.

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