Thursday, 11 December 2014

As most of you know I've spent almost half my life on radio and television. My life in the public eye had been scrutinized by press and critics alike. It was the only life I knew and never thought in a million years it would end. But life is not predictable and my broadcasting career came to a halt over a year and a half ago. Being over 60 I didn't have a clue what to do in fact I only knew how to do one job and that was broadcasting, I was one of the pioneers of English TV and radio in Spain so it was no surprise that, that was the only job I felt qualified to do. Certainly retirement was never on the cards as those who know me will know I'm a committed workaholic. So I needed to get out there, pick myself up and get on with finding out a new direction. I felt at my age this would be almost impossible, but then again 'impossible' has never been part of my vocabulary

Thankfully unlike the U2 song 'I DID find what I was Looking For!' I found something that is as enjoyable as radio and certainly financially a whole lot more rewarding and that was in real estate. I joined one of the Costa Del Sols largest and most successful companies Bromley Estates Marbella and almost from the beginning (six months now) I have made a successful career of it. I suppose analyzing why at my age I've fitted into my life change so quickly is in the fact that I find it easy to connect with my clients and therefore immediately build up a trust between us, which is really important in this job. Another reason is that property buying and selling has always been a passion of mine ever since I bought my first home in Dublin back in the early '70s. Three of our homes have been featured in magazines including our present home in Marbella.

So, back to my invite to appear on radio today to talk about aspects of my life; as I said, its been over a year and a half since I said goodbye to my life on radio and the big question everyone asks is 'do I miss it?' Of course I would be lying If I simply said 'NO', but I'm enjoying my reinvented life. A major difference in this job is the fact that instead of talking blind into a mic not knowing how many people are actually listening., I now get to meet interesting people almost every day from all walks of life and from different countries throughout the world. I get to see many interesting properties some stunning and some horrendous, but what my clients taste is, is not necessary mine. I am looking forward to see if the old feeling has comeback when I open the mic today. The interesting thing that very few of you might know I turned down a very good offer to return full time to radio about two months ago, I couldn't believe it when I actually said: 'thank you, but no thank you' Do I regret my refusal, not at all as the offer still stands. Will I ever return to broadcasting? The way my life has unfolded over the last five years in fact ALL my life nothing would surprise me. If you said two years ago that I would give up radio and become a Realtor I would have laughed at you! Life is full of surprises and challenges and I am blessed to be able to live in this life of mine.

So what about the band of critics that used to follow me around? I've learnt to ignore any critics as it's only pure jealousy that feeds their shallow daily life , in fact I can't believe that they still think of me important enough to follow, I suppose if they are out there I should feel in someway honored. But what is really important is the fact that almost one hundred people on my Facebook wished me luck and posted some very kind words apropos my radio appearance scheduled for this afternoon. Thank you. If there are any begrudgers out their I suppose they will get off on spewing out their jalousie and their on inadequacies on their Facebook's etc.

So lets see what happens. Meanwhile thank you for all of your amazing support, even after this long absence from broadcasting I am delighted that some of you out there are looking forward to my guest appearance today.

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