Monday, 15 December 2014


This is how the scam works: This morning I got a private message on my Facebook from a well known friend of mine. It started off by asking about myself and family etc etc. I asked how she was etc. She then asked me had I heard about her news. I said no. She told me she won 100,000 Euro on a random draw withe a Casino who is in partnership with Facebook. This sounded odd, so I asked her if she had received the wings. She said that the cash was couriered over within 3 days. As I know this woman well I believed her after all why would she lie to me?

Naturally I was now getting excited. I asked had she a contact for this company. She gave me their Facebook page, so I messaged them, A Mr Drake came back almost immediately. I introduced myself and said that I was informed I was on a winners list. He asked for my email address and telephone number, which I gave him after all my friend confirmed she'd been paid out. He said he'd get back to me. Meanwhile I still had my friend on messenger. I asked her if was she sure she has had the 100,000 again she confirmed she had received it within 3 days and confirmed she had banked it. She kept asking why I'm doubting her?

The Mr Drake was now on his messenger confirming I had in fact won a substantial amount. I was now very excited, I asked him how much? He asked first to fill in a few questions address, married status, am I home owner etc. I ignored this , He already had my email and Tel No He then asked for a copy of my drivers license. I then messaged my friend and asked her what her mobile number was she said she away on vacation (that was odd she would never use the word vacation she would of said holidays) and her phone did not roam. Mr Drake was now on the other messenger telling me I had won 250,000 Euro and that he would immediately arrange this amount to be dispatched to me. Did I want in cash or bank draft? I said CASH!!

Meanwhile I was back on my friends messenger asking for a family or friends mobile number. She then said she was getting very annoyed that I was doubting her. I then asked her, her late husbands name. It was only after a prolonged delay that she answered and was correct. Could all this be true? After all he didn't ask for my bank account number (which is normal in this type of scam) I ws still waiting for the scam. It didn't take long, Mr Drake asked for 1,000 Euto up front to cover the cost of a special cash carrying courier service. I was in no doubt now that I was being caught up in a scam and my friend wasn't who her Facebook said she was , her Facebook had been hacked. I told him I would report this to the internet police in Malaga. With that both of them disappeared. What an idiot if I bumped into my friend next week and she asked me had I received my 250,000 Euro

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