Saturday, 13 December 2014


Here's a headline in today's British press: 'Female Met officer taking over Madeleine McCann inquiry arrives in Portugal ahead of questioning of former suspect Robert Murat' The British government have continued the search for answers as to what happened to Madeleine when she disappeared in 2007 by continuing sending UK police out to Portugal to find out what happened to the young British citizen and rightly so. Here's what baffles me; why have the Irish government not used the same none stop enquirers to the disappearance of Irish citizen Amy Fitzpatrick who hasn't been heard of since she went baby sitting in 2008.
So why have we heard NOTHING from the Irish government or police. WHY?????

Perhaps it's time some Irish celebrities got behind the missing Amy case and give it some renewed interested. Bono comes to mind and why not Sir Bob etc...No matter what you think of her step dad, Amy was living among us and has disappeared without a trace for almost 8 years we surely owe it as a community to at least copy and paste this poster to keep her name alive. Thank you


After reading my posting both of these were sent to my Facebook

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