Friday, 24 October 2014

The 'BRAVE' followers of Sharia law. have a new weapon to use against women that do not follow strict Islamic law It's called "acid attacks” . Acid attacks against women have sharply risen in recent weeks in Isfahan and other cities. 'BRAVE' Men on motorcycles have been driving up to women they deem to be immodestly dressed and dousing them with sulphuric acid, which leaves severe and disfiguring burns on the skin.
At least eight woman have been splashed with acid in recent weeks according to reports by Iranian opposition members, who lashed at Iran’s ruling regime and blamed the government’s extremist policies for promoting this type of crime. Other women have faced similar attacks in Tehran, according to reports. and yet the world stays silent but let an Israeli solder arrest a Palestinian for throwing stones and idiots start their ridicules out cry. So sad.

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