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Did you know that Egypt closed the borders into Gaza stopping humanitarian aid to the Palestinians that was so kindly donated by so many...Did you know that? No I thought not..Now let me shock you.

This report from الانتفاضة الإلكترونية: CAIRO (IPS) - Egyptian authorities have almost fully sealed the border with Gaza, preventing delivery of desperately needed humanitarian aid.

The government has expressly forbidden the entry of aid convoys laden with food into the Gaza Strip,” Emmad al-Din Moustafa, member of the Popular Committee for Aiding Gaza told IPS. “The continued border closure constitutes a crime against humanity much worse than anything Israel has ever done, at least Israel allows 200 tons of food a week enter Gaza along with medical aid etc .”

Even before Israel retaliated against continues rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, it has been subject to a crippling, internationally sanctioned embargo that destroyed its economy and brought it to the brink of humanitarian disaster by Egypt and more or less ignored by all its Arab neighbours.

Since the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas seized control of the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2007, after winning elections in 2006, Egypt has kept its border with the enclave tightly shut. In tandem with the neutralization of airports and maritime ports, the border closures have deprived Gaza’s 1.5 million inhabitants of most essential goods, including food, medicine and fuel.

Fadil added that Egypt had received 130 injured Palestinians for treatment in Egyptian hospitals since the outset of the campaign, and was prepared to receive many more. More than 3,000 people have been treated in Israel.

It is reported that most Palestinians now blame Hamas for the destruction and deaths in Gaza. One spokesman said: " We never wanted Hamas to fire rockets into Israel, I had a good job there and now I'm unemployed. We wish that Hamas would be defeated but many Palestinians are frightened by them"

Doctors and medical experts have been barred from entering the Gaza Strip. A group of 55 Egyptian medical volunteers of varying specialties from universities throughout the country were prevented from crossing into Gaza.

Although we signed a statement saying we were responsible for our own safety, the border authorities at Rafah refused us entry without explanation,” Yasser Mohamed, a heart surgery specialist at Cairo University and one of the medical volunteers, told IPS from al-Arish. “Shortly afterwards, the minister of health — who happened to be in the area — told us we couldn’t enter Gaza because ‘Israel had not given its approval.’”

Doctors in Gaza, who are usually trained only in general medicine, are in desperate need of our skills,” added Mohamed. “If we were let in, we could save lots of lives.” The Egyptians simply refuse to let them enter Gaza.

Now you've learnt some more truths how the Arabs hate the Palestinians and how 20,000 are starving to death in Syria which doesn't seem to bother anyone as Israel isn't involved just more or less shows these so call humanitarians as a bunch of uneducated idiots.

Now to help you a little more and remember Fox News is no supporter of Israel have a listen to this, learn the facts and feel ashamed your silenced.

ooops!Almost forgot to add the 200 school girls that were kidnapped 5 months ago seemed to have been simply forgotten by the press and the so called band of humanitarians etc Are they so unimportant????? This is how I know that all that matters, is if Israel is not involved, you lot aren't bothered.

WHERE IS YOUR OUTRAGE: Xtian Women Raped into Embracing Islam

Barnabas Aid has learned that women and girls being held captive by ISIS at Mosul’s Badush Prison have been given the choice to either convert to Islam, or suffer rape on a daily basis until they change their minds.

Badush holds hundreds of Christian, Yazidi and Turkmen women who are being gang-raped for refusing to convert to Sunni Islam. Some of them are being sold as sex slaves to recruit Muslim men into ISIS; the selling price for an ISIS slave ranges from $25 to $150(US).
Sharia law permits Muslims to take people as war prizes during jihad. As a result, United Nations officials in Iraq estimate that 1,500 Yazidis and Christians – both women and children – may have been forced into Islam’s sex slave trade.
ISIS has proclaimed a caliphate, or Islamic state under the rule of a single ruler called a caliph.


The multiple rape of white girls by Muslims is not only unique to UK, here in Norway it's at epidemic levels!


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