Saturday, 18 October 2014

A report released today.

After months of surveying the 1.6 million Arabs living in Israel asking if they would like to be part of a Palestinian state and give up their Israel citizenship Residents of predominantly Arab ‘Triangle’ see the land swap plan as unrealistic, say most would move to stay in Israel: ‘The population won’t agree to give up their citizenship’

Revia Mahajna, an ATTORNEY from the village Musmus in the Wadi Ara region, said he sees no problem in calling himself a Palestinian and wanting to stay in the State of Israel. He said he was fed up with rockets being fired from Gaza endangering not only Jewish Israelis but the million plus Israeli Arabs. It makes our life in Israel very difficult, Please remember our homes are in Israel our family's are in Israel our children are in School in Israel, we work in Israel, we have a good quality of life in Israel. Israeli Arabs have the freedom too, to chose a secular life. Israel is a free secular state, the only democracy in the Middle East. This freedom drives the dictators in the surrounding states completely mad with fear for their powerbase; their bloody ideology called islam. Stop putting our lives in danger.

Arabic is an official language in Israel because one-fifth of the population is Arab.


Of course we are...Israel is always coming to the rescue of the world, the same world that hates us!

Israeli drug companies, such as Teva, are pretty good at producing imitation drugs quickly. Teva was truly disruptive to big pharma companies, since they often feared blockbuster drugs going off PATENT as Teva was ready and waiting with a quality generic imitation. It’s not so surprising that what is bad for big pharma is good for the patient and the consumer, and now an Israeli biotech company named Protalix is ready to replenish supplies of the experimental Ebola vaccine, ZMapp.
The disease has already claimed the lives of 3,944, predominantly in Africa, but in the U.S., there has been one casualty and another one infected. The World Health Organization hoped to have a vaccine by November, but even if ZMapp can be available by the target DATE, supplies will be insufficient to meet requirements. However, the Times of Israel reports that Protalix can step in and produce as much ZMapp as is needed…

It's no wonder Arab women love living in Israel, they are free, free to dress as they see fit, free to pray, free to drive, free to be beautiful. and yet some idiots believe these women should be forced into a new Palestinian state under Hamas rules. Why in the world does no one ask THEM what they want? As one said. "KEEP YOUR NOSES OUT OF OUR LIVES, WE LIVE FREE IN ISRAEL, WE HAVE FREE MEDICAL CARE, WE HAVE FREE EDUCATION FOR OUR CHILDREN, WHAT ARAB COUNTRY CAN OFFER US THAT? ABOVE ALL WE ARE TREATED WITH RESPECT!!!"

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