Sunday, 26 October 2014

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I don't know about you lot out there but I have no time for the self styled revolutionary Russell Brand, who made a total tit of himself last night ON ITV's Johnathon Ross Show by usual answering simple questions using 5 words where one would be suffice!

It wasn't long ago that these two waste of spaces were suspended from the BBC for , what they thought was funny, making obscene PHONE calls to 78-year-old Fawlty Towers actor Andrew Sachs.
The controversial presenters left a series of lewd messages on Mr Sachs’s answerphone CLAIMING, in shockingly explicit language, that Brand had had sex with his granddaughter, Georgina.
Mr Sachs, who played waiter Manuel in the classic sitcom, was left deeply upset by the crude calls – which were also broadcast to about two million listeners. Now both back in living color on our screens.
Ross's new ITV talk show has fallen way behind Graham Norton's BBC show in rating and thankfully so.

Craig Brown reviewed Brands new book Revolution summing it up by saying : Rambling, half-baked, shifty and unpleasant: Russell Brand's Yawny Wawny Booky Wook. He goes on to say: Martin Luther King was 34 when he delivered his ‘I have a dream’ speech in Washington.
Fidel Castro was 32 when he took power in Cuba. Engels was 27 when he co-authored The Communist Manifesto with Karl Marx, who was then aged 30.
Yet at the ripe old age of 39, Brand continues to be treated with the reverence usually accorded to a precocious 12-year-old.!

Another newspaper wrote of Brands latest series of interviews : 'Call that a revolution, Russell? Brand considering running for Mayor of London - despite claiming voting is a waste of time.'

All he is is a self styled publicist trying to prop up his fledgling career at any cost and using hugely controversial jokes trying to shock his way into the media .i.e Russell Brand has sparked new outrage with a horrific ‘joke’ suggesting that Prince George should be beheaded.
In a shocking passage in his new BOOK Revolution, Brand writes: ‘I note that if that baby royal they’ve just done in Blighty were to ascend the throne he’d be George the Seventh. Seventh?!
‘We’ve already had six and we’re gonna have another one. How long do we intend to let this silliness persist? Surely it’s time for us to INVEST in a Fisher Price guillotine.
’ Pot smoking anarchists will probably think it very funny. I don't!

The former drug addict also faced condemnation for urging society to show ‘loving, inclusive, REHABILITATIVE tolerance’ towards paedophiles'. Peter Saunders, chief executive of the National Association for People Abused in Childhood, said: ‘He should know better than to speak in this way about people who destroy the lives of children.’

The latest controversy for Brand comes just days after he caused fury by suggesting the US Government may have been behind the 9/11 attacks. This has caused outrage in the US and rightly so.

My hope is Brand will be band from TV and radio and will disappear into the grave yard of failed celebrities never to be heard of again!

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