Sunday, 19 October 2014

Crackdown on the cyber-mobs poisoning Britain: Sentence for web trolls to be quadrupled to two years after shocking high-profile online abuse cases

Maximum six month sentence for internet trolls to be quadrupled.

Spain are to follow suit with a minimum two year sentence to include hefty fines . We have of course witnessed the Eusdens ( Euro Weekly News) win their case and as my case is being prepared let me worn those , and there are still a few, selling your homes or putting them in someone else’s name will not work. As a barrister told me the other day. These idiots think by using a false names the police won’t catch them they are simply fooling themselves.

These cyber bullies are cowards and NEVER use their names. They think it’s all fun and games until the Guardia Civil come a knocking. It’s taken me two years to get to this point.

I have purposely stayed well clear from reading this rubbish but thanks to a certain person who doesn’t want to be named and has kept himself off certain websites has kept a record of everything that has been said. Including the comment: Don’t do business with this person because he’s a Zionist JEW. If that alone is not deformation I’ll eat my hat ( by the way don’t bother removing that comment I have a copy already along with over 50 other liable comments)

Not long to go now. Knock, Knock, Knock no were to hide!!!!

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