Tuesday, 21 October 2014

I’ve just read the most disgusting raciest remark I have ever read and it’s about me! An the idiot has placed this on the public domain: AN ESTATE AGENCY ON THE COSTA DEL SOL EMPLOYS A JEW. YOU SHOULD BOYCOTT THIS AGENCY. This is indefensible raciest and anti Semitic Is he mad, does he not know the consequences of making public statements like that in Spain. If not I suggest he reads the case of Eusdens.
Please make note: Even if it wasn’t about me I’d still be handing this over to the police (a file is being put together on this person which will take a few weeks more to compile. I will then be going to the Costa Blanca to lodge it in the courts and with the police, i’m assured this person could be jailed until a court case is heard and that can take a year or two ) So dear friend keep writing away.

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