Friday, 17 October 2014

Part of the sick society: The girl who survived an assassination attempt by Islamic fundamentalists in Pakistan has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Malala Yousafzai was targeted because she insisted on going to school even though it was prohibited by the Taliban.
Now living in Birmingham, she continues her tireless work of trying to secure education for other girls.
What a contrast to Salma and Zahra Halane, who took their British education for granted and fled to Syria to become jihadist brides, forfeiting their freedom and embracing a life of ignorance and utter servitude.


Can you see anything wrong in this headline or is it just me?
Can Blenheim survive in the hands of this ex-junkie jailbird? As the Duke of Marlborough dies, this question hangs over one of our finest stately homes
Its the word EX-JUNKIE that seems to be overlooked as the British press digs up Jamie Blandfords past .Yes, 30 years ago as a young man he fought a public battle against his addiction to both cocaine and heroin, causing a rift with his father - but the two patched up their relationship years ago. The Duke, known affectionately as Sunny died peacefully this morning, and is survived by his fourth wife, Persian-born adventuress Lily Mahtani, pictured below (left) with him at Blenheim Palace .
Now The new Duke will move into one of Britain's largest stately homes, Blenheim Palace, along with his second wife Edla Griffths (left), the new Duchess, and son George (centre) the now Marquess of Blandford.
I say good luck to him . As usual the British press simply looking at faults and negativity's. It was 30 years ago you idiots he overcame his bad habits so should you !!!!!


What is wrong with this sick world we live in or is it a matter of 'Were okay, let them get on with it it's none of our business?'
The chilling footage, titled “Stealing the Bride,” shows a terrified young woman being kidnapped by a group of people from her home, then being forced to marry someone against her own will.
What is so sick is everything about the scene would appear as if it was a traditional marriage, complete with confetti and music in the background. The only problem is that the bride to be has absolutely zero desire to marry her future husband.
Central European News reports that bride kidnapping is still a widespread practice in Kazakhstan, with over 60 percent of adults and 74 percent of teens and children as young as 8 having either been victims or known someone who was a victim of the cruel act.

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