Thursday, 27 April 2017

So where are the billions of dollars raised by several children's charities worldwide for the underprivileged children of Gaza go ????. Well its been proved that there are now 300 millionaires in Hamas skimmed from charity money for Palestinian Children. In fact Hamas is stealing so much they now cant pay for electricity. Have a look at this it will sicken you.

Peace means everything to Israel as women of Israel rally Palestinian women and march for peace.....Only in Israel NEVER in Gaza will you find love like this...Did d
someone mention genocide!!!! What idiots they must feel now.
Muslim, Jewish Women have spent the last two weeks marching for peace and even marched outside the Israeli President's residence. This is being blacked out from mainstream media because war makes money and the powers that be profit from war, they don't want people to see this. Also today there is a live stream conference organized by these women, its called Women Wage Peace,

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