Thursday, 20 April 2017

Sad news for all the losers who followed this loser. Hes about to get the worst defeating any Labour party leader has had in history. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if Labour came in third place.

Jeremy Corbyn is a clown, an anti Semite and the worst political leader the UK have ever produced, in fact I'd go as far to say , he is even worse than Michael Foot and that's saying a lot!!!

Labour exodus continues as at least SEVEN MPs rule out standing again with Brexit champion Gisela Stuart the latest to quit Parliament
Exodus of Labour MPs continued on Wednesday night after Gisela Stuart quit
She confirmed she would quit Parliament and becomes the seventh MP to do so
Ms Stuart, 61, said she will use the election to bring an end to her 20-year career

Ever notice how Losers attract losers. What a fucking joke this excuse for a man is! Jeremy Corbyn you are a desgrace !

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