Sunday, 16 April 2017

Over 100 slaughtered by a car bomb in Syria today , many of them women and children as they were fleeing from terrorists. Yet again the scum anti Semites Social media sites say nothing. Not a word as Israel is not involved. Not yet, that is, but it won't be long before some mentally retarded conspiracy site can find away to blame the Jews.

What really desgusts me is these low lifer pretend they care about life. Let me point out to these weirdo's it's Israel who have set up field hospitals to help the dying and injured and by doing so gave an open book to the conspirators to say "see, Israel are helping ISIS by treating the wounded. So based on that Israel must back ISIS! Sad, but there you have it, these sickos really believe these off the wall conspiracy theories or as most educated people know them as: 'comic books'

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