Friday, 14 April 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Young British woman is stabbed to death 'by a Palestinian man' in Israel
A British woman in her 20s has died after being stabbed in Jerusalem
The Attack happened near the Old City where Christians are marking Good Friday
And guess who made this savage attack? You got it Police say they have arrested a Palestinian man, 57.

Last week Christians were massacred last week as they prayed in church, again by Arab Islamic fundamentalists

I'm amazed no ones tried to blame the gassing of the innocent children in Syria on Israel.

The scumbag Assad is now trying to cover up his dusgusting murderers deeds by saying. The gassing was fabricated, the children arn'tin fact dead but are actors! What sub human that man is.

Israel the ONLY peaceful country in the Middle East. Whitest the Arab member of the UN continue to bang on about boycotts, genoicide, apartheid. They are getting no where. NO ONE IS LISTENING.

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