Sunday, 9 April 2017

500 children with their parents are lying dead in Syria, murdered by Arabs, murdered by their own people. Chemical weapons which they deny having, have killed hundreds today in Syria, an Arab country, ruled by Arabs.
Every month at the United Nations these Arab countries including Syria and their allies, condemn Israel for treating Arabs in Samaria and Judea differently and with not giving them equal rights.

Israel immediately dispatched their medical teams to help Syrian doctors deal with this mass slaughter. Ask yourself what Muslim country did the same. Simple question and a simple answer: none

Today Islamic terrorists slaughtered 21 Egyptians as the prayed in church they wounded hundreds more. Their crime? They were Christians!

Yesterday an Islamic fundamentalist drove a lorry into innocent men women and children in Oslo killing and maiming.

Two weeks ago a Islamic convert drove a car at high speed along the pavement on Westminster bridge killing and maiming all in his way.

So who has acted against these acts of barbarianism ? Just one man Donald Trump! This is something Obama should of done years ago but refused to do anything.

The Only Facebooks, Blog Sites etc who refused to condemn the mass killings are all anti Semites who are on the search to blame the Jews.They all blame Israel for genocide. !!! They don't even know the meaning of the word. The Middle East is a tinderbox and more Arab countries are turning to Israel for support in defeating this terror.

These poor uneducated losers continued to believe Palestinian propaganda . Please let me show you morons what you have been led to believe

in this video, you can see Pallywood productions, when the dead start moving and God praise resurrected from the dead

The following scene of a "funeral" procession was caught on tape by an overhead Israeli drone. It shows the "corpse" falling off the stretcher as he is carried to his "funeral" only to get up and climb back on!


Now how about the truth....Who's killing Palestinians???.

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