Sunday, 8 May 2016


'Believe me, I won't be another Ken Livingstone

The Anti Israel mob have a real problem on their hands at the moment. should they are should they not support Sadiq Khan the new Muslim Mayor of London. The reason I ask that question is because of is support towards Israel. Let me awaken you to some of his quotes. Labour’s London mayor candidate Sadiq Khan has explained why he switched from lobbying for sanctions against Israel to opposing boycotts of the country.
The JC revealed yesterday that Mr Khan had repeatedly called on ministers to impose sanctions in 2009, despite using his campaign for City Hall to claim he had consistently opposed such moves.
But The new Mayor said today that after studying the evidence he now believed “we must not turn our face against Israel”.
And Mr Khan said he wanted to “send a message around the world” by being a Muslim mayor “who does more to protect Jewish Londoners from antisemitism than any mayor ever has before”.

On his opposition to boycotts, he said: “The evidence clearly shows that boycott, sanctions and divestment against Israel do not help us achieve peace – we must not turn our face against Israel.
As the boycotts of Sodastream International showed, boycotts only hurt working people and do nothing to build a lasting peace in the region.”


Mr Khan’s campaign team was at pains to point out he did not actually vote for Mr Corbyn in the leadership contest itself – he instead voted for Andy Burnham. But the association is unlikely to go away.
In a later interview with the Mail on Sunday, Mr Khan admitted Labour had to move away from its " unacceptable anti-Jewish" image.
He also repeated his concern expressed to the JC about the correlation of violence in the Middle East and the spiral of antisemitism in Britain.
Mr Khan is also backed by Mr Livingstone – another potential millstone around his neck whenever he meets Jewish voters. Again the mayoral contender was robust when asked about his predecessor.
“I want to reassure you I’m not like the last guy, I’m not going to be like previous Labour politicians,” he said. “For me it’s a source of sorrow that people who historically voted Labour are now not voting Labour.”

Mr Khan worked with the Board of Deputies and other communal groups, particularly on interfaith projects. His own Muslim faith had aided his efforts to understand Jewish ways of life, he explained.
“We have a huge amount in common. We need to see the great work in the past that the Jewish Board of Deputies and Muslim Council of Britain have done together on halal and kosher food and male circumcision. I’m optimistic about the future.”
Three times this summer Mr Khan began his Ramadan fast at synagogues, discussing with rabbis ways to make London a beacon for interfaith efforts. He also cited his past work with Mitzvah Day, Emeritus Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks and Jewish Labour peer Lord Mitchell as examples for the future.
Khan has also been the target of Islamist death threats because of his liberal social views, particularly his support of same-sex marriage.

Now one might understand why I made a reassessment of my views made only a few days ago about Sadiq Khan and after reading many statements he has made in that short period of time I have for obvious reasons decided to support him 100% I also have learnt to understand why SCUM like George Galloway is NO supporter of of Sadiq Khan and I suppose you who are true to yourself and are anti Israel, will do the same as your hero Galloway has done and turn your backs on Khan remembering he is against boycotting Israeli and in favor of London cooperating with Israel . We shall wait and see.

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