Wednesday, 25 May 2016

One of the most significance signs that the world is getting less tolerant to those that are promoting boycotts against Israel. Swiss parliament launches inquiry into anti-Israel NGOs.

Berlin Germany: The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) has allocated funds in the millions to anti-Israel NGOs linked to terrorism and working in support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel. a bill will be introduced a motion supported by 41 lawmakers from across the political spectrum calling on the FDFA to stop all direct or indirect funding to organizations that sponsor “racist and anti-Semitic actions” or are involved in BDS campaigns.

The move could bring about a sea change in Swiss funding for scores of anti-Israel NGOs operating in Israel and in the disputed territories.

Additional Swiss funding goes to Islamic Relief Worldwide,” he continued. “Earlier this year, HSBC cut all ties to this NGO due to concerns about its involvement in terrorism. Israel declared IRW a terrorist-supporting entity in 2014, citing funding to Hamas. The Swiss government must now review this funding.”

The article alleged that the FDFA funneled the equivalent of nearly $182,000 to the IRW last year. It also noted that Swiss funds had been sent directly or indirectly to 44 NGOs that “are opposed to negotiations with Israel and peace, and work for a boycott of Israeli products.”

The anti-Israel organization Badil was cited as a recipient of Swiss funds. Badil rejects “with words and pictures the existence of Israel, and this contradicts official Swiss foreign policy,” the article said.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Let us move the discussion to the so-called oppressed natives in the US and Australia and add the African Americans in the US to it!Now they are discriminated or not?But how you think the government would react to a murder spree by them? Exactly the same as in Israel!You stop the terrorists!!

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