Saturday, 28 May 2016

Bad news for the Israel hate mob, who spend all their wasted time trying to claim Israel is an Apartheid state. Just read what happened in Israel last week and tell me that during South Africa's apartheid rule would you ever have seen a black transgender achieve this?

21-year-old Ta’alin Abu Hanna, an Arab and ballet dancer from Nazareth, wins first ever pageant of its kind in Israel.

What a tolerant country Israel is. Could you even begin to amagin in your wildest dream s any Arab country that would allow openly Gay parades, in fact simply to be openly gay and if you were caught there would be a good chance you'd be hung or beheaded. But wonderful Israel not only allows gay parades but now a transgender contest and won by an Arab.

For the last ten years there has been an ongoing attempt to promote a cultural boycott of Israel. While this campaign has achieved very few actual victories, it has received widespread attention and media coverage disproportionate to its success.
Once one scratches the surface of any given concert cancellation, one quickly comes to the conclusion that ideology, conscience, and support for the Palestinian cause have very little to do with it. The true factors leading to a cancellation are usually online bullying, threats of damaging an artist’s reputation and sales, disrupting concerts, sabotage letters, deceit, and explicit death threats.
More often than not, it becomes evident that the so-called “success’’ the boycott movement has enjoyed never happened. Just because a pro-boycott site claims that an artist or band has boycotted Israel doesn’t necessarily mean that this is true.
Interestingly, representatives of two specific musical genres – punk and heavy metal – have consistently ignored all attempts to be pressured into boycotting Israel. Punk leaders tend to be relatively politically savvy and critical of political manipulation. As such, they are able to see through the “human rights” facade of the boycott movement and call its bluff.
Overall, the cultural boycott of Israel appears to be losing ground. The biggest names in the world of music continue to frequent Israel.

FOOT NOTE: Ex Pink Floyd's Roger Walters continues to be made a laugh of asking some of the biggest music stars in the world to boycott Israel.
Paul McCartney, Madonna, Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart have all played Israel (laughing at Walters stupidity) and NOW Elton John has joined the Israel support gang. He played in Tel Aviv's Hayarkon Park on Thursday night,taking to the stage to perform for close to 40,000 fans.

The rocket man did not disappoint, churning out his biggest hits alongside his new music without his powerful baritone faltering for even a moment.

Elton John dedicated his first hit, “Your Song,” to Israel and told the crowd there could have been “no nicer place” for him to open his eight-week European tour.

Like the few Israel hate squad that are left, Walters is nothing but a clown that NO one is listening to. Does he not realise by boycotting Israel that the 1.6 million Arabs who live and work there are in danger of losing jobs. What a fucking idiot Walters is and it seems I'm not the only one who thinks so!!

One thing I noticed more and more, the Israeli hate squad always back losers and that is why they hunt obscure conspiracy theorists websites to find whatever news, how ever old that paint Israel in a bad light.

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