Thursday, 5 May 2016


Here’s an idea I’ve come up with towards a peaceful solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflicted. Yes, it might be much too farfetched and I’m sure it’s full of holes but at least I’m trying to work out some positive solution rather than spending my days being negative.
Let me start of with reversing the situation. I’ve often thought what it would have been like if the Jews settled in Gaza and the Arabs controlled Israel. After seeing what they did to the barren land they inherited when arriving in 1948 I feel confident that they would have developed Gaza into one of the words finest tourist resorts and its with that in mind I’ve come up with my master plan for peace

Israel thenIsrael NOW

Some facts to deal with: Gaza’s gross domestic product is approx $800 million on top of that millions of dollars to fund attacks on Israel come from sympathetic donors like Iran, Turkey and Qatar. Remember in 2014 the Emir of Qatar visited Gaza and handed Hamas $400 million towards development of a two housing complexes, rehabilitate the building of three main roads and the building of a major hospital surprise, surprise non of this ever happened. The truth is if all this money was spent on their own people Gaza would be a far better place for its citizens. Hamas spends $100’s of millions of aid money building their murderess tunnels, Yes 100’s million dollars per annum add to that the millions spent on rockets, the tons of building material delivered from Israel etc and you have enough to build schools, hospitals, homes, roads etc!!.

Hamas tunnelsHamas rockets

So now to my plan. Hamas call a truce with Israel and set up a series of meeting to propose a plan that I feel sure would lead to peace. The terrorist agree, like the IRA did in the past with Great Britton, , to decommission all their arms, they also agree to stop using foreign aid to build their tunnels and purchasing rockets etc instead using the billions of dollars to help develop their country, in return with huge financial help from all the Arab countries and from Israel to help make Gaza into one of the worlds tourist hotspots, to fund a railway line from Ben-Gurion International Airport in Israel to Gaza, (45 miles) and whilst this agreement is being implemented to start talking peace and solutions.

Not only will my plan mean a new booming tourist economy in Gaza it would be so lucrative for the millions who work or need work. Their would be a huge upsurgents in foreign buyers, Brits, Germans Irish etc looking for bargain beachfront holiday apartments starting at very low prices to encourage investment etc would mean a boom in the building trade. back and forth from the new train station, restaurants opening all over Gaza. It wouldn't be long before Gaza could report a 100% employment...

This is what Israel built on their beaches , now with the financial help from oil rich Arab countries this is what I believe Gaza could look like.

Okay its only an idea and yes possibly an impossible dream but have any of you got a better idea that has a dogs chance in working.

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