Sunday, 22 May 2016

Why I cant stand Sharon Osbourne....

Lets start with today's headline is the British press: 'Sharon Osbourne slammed after branding the parents of missing Madeleine McCann 'insane' for leaving daughter alone.'
This is hypocritical parenting advice from a woman who's daughter started tacking drugs at 13!! Kelly admitted 'Soon I was taking 50 pills a
day. Most people would overdose on ten.'

Kelly, was in rehab, on three different occasions before she was 20! A year later Kelly was sent to a psychiatric ward, where she finally managed to control her addiction.
Her father fell asleep during parents evenings and entertained her schoolfriends by drunkenly chasing them in his underwear. Another time he spotted Kelly was wearing a thong, and in front of her friends cut it off and pulled it from her jeans.
'I died of embarrassment and burst into tears,' she wrote.
Their Son Jack Osbourne got carried away with drugs and alcohol checking into rehab. He was 17.

I got caught up in my new lifestyle,” he said on his fourth day of treatment. “Once I realized this, I voluntarily checked myself into a detox facility for my own health and well-being.”

Of all the people I've know and interviewed over the years the one who I disliked the most is Sharon Osbourne . She is possibly the most insincere and false person I've ever come across. Shortly before I interviewed her she was a judge on 'Battle Of The Stars' where so called celebrates who had never sung publicly before did duets with each other. Rebecca Loos sang with James Hewittt!!!
They were awful, as were most on this horrendous excuse for entertainment. Sharon Osbourne let fly with a savage verbal attack on Rebecca when it was her turn as a judge' She told Loos: 'Missy if you get through tonight, you should try doing tomorrows performance with your knickers on you've got a very bad vibe that comes from you!' She went on to accuse Loose for having a fling with a married man (Beckham, this is a whole different story but let me assure you she was conned into selling that story by a well known British publicity agent now serving time in prison).

What wasn't widely known, was that Sharon was invited the next day to a very glamours party that Victoria Beckham was throwing in Beckham Palace, and Sharon had being banging on all week prior to the TV Show that she had promised her new 'besty' friend Victoria that she would destroy Loos publicly on the TV show. Accusing Rebecca Loos of having a fling with a married man, good coming from Miz Osborne who admitted running of with Ozzie who was married with children!!!

There is nothing I like about Sharon Osbourne.

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