Saturday, 14 May 2016


I'ts not real a difficult question, firstly anti Semitics are very cowardly , never use their own name, always hide behind the famous quote: ' Not my words' these scum believes it protects the from prosecution and will always declare 'I'm anti Zionist not antisemitic' They will pretend they really are caring humanitarians, but the truth been known they spend most of their time trolling through the internet looking for scum like themselves declaring rubbish like: 'Israel are savages, they are murdering Palestinians by shooting them for target practices , they are worse than the Nazis etc etc' They are probably among the most ignorant bunch of morons who have ever used the internet,. Jews and Arabs were all referred to as Palestinians prior to the state of Israel be formed! You fucking idiots! Before 1948 the British controlled the British Mandate for Palestine, but the fighting between the British, Arabs and Jews became so bad that the British couldn't cope with the violence and decided to abandon Palestine. In an attempt to avert a war between Jews and Arabs, the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine was proposed. The plan was to divide Palestine in two according to which towns were predominantly Jewish or predominantly Arab.

Unfortunately there were Palestinian leaders such as Haj Amin al-Husseini who was a Nazi general in WWII and the leader of the Nazi Muslim SS Handzar division. He was responsible for the extermination of thousands of European Jews. He befriended Hitler and Himler, who gave him weapons for the purpose of exterminating all the Jews in Palestine. In 1948 he was convinced that with the combined Arab League armies it would be easy to exterminate all the Jews and take their land. This led to the 1948 war.

So let me drive home my point that these so called anti Zionists are in fact anti Semitic and if Israel isnt involved they couldnt give a fuck if an Arab is slaughtered or not. TODAY the headline reads:
ISIS thugs brutally murder 250 innocent women after they refused to become the fanatics' sex slaves. Victims are said to have refused so-called 'temporary marriages'

I've checked over a dozen so called 'humanitarian' site . Not a word Zero and yet one Moira McNabb has posted a video on her blog showing a dozen women pertaining to be poor Palestinian pre 1948. Ms Mc Nabb these women are ALL Jewish living in Palestine. Look at the photograph and ask yourself 'Do they look like Arabs? What fucking moron you are. Lett me help you spot the difference.


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