Friday, 22 April 2016

The Golden Days when hundreds would pile into Rudy's Roadrunner on a Wednesday night for dinner and the live Boland show. The cost was 30€ a head in today's money,I don't think there was a venue then or even now that could demand that type of money for a show. Even international stars that come to Marbella to perform were not demanding that type of money for a seat. I don't know how we got away with it!!! I appeared at Rudy's for approx 5 years (not sue exactly) The shows would be booked out weeks in advance and everyone who was anyone who was in town would be seen at the show. Lionel Blair was a regular as was Kenny Lynch, Faith Brown, Peter Stringfellow, Bonnie Langford, Mike McCartney (Paul's Brother). Eric Morcambe and Ernie Wises wives were regulars the list went on and on.

That same day I would have done an auction at my Marbella Auction which I did every Wednesday afternoon and a radio Show 7 to 9pm then straight to Rudy's and on stage at exactly 10pm for two solid hours without a break. Don't know where I got the energy back then but I suppose it was pure adrenaline and the amazing feed back from the crowed.

Here is a photo graph of the right hand stage of the crowed at a Christmas special. Can you spot anyone? If so let me know on my Facebook.

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