Saturday, 30 April 2016

Boy! Did I get involved at the right time as the Costa Del Sol's property market continues to BOOM!

We continue to read about Brits being frightened to buy property on the Costa Del Sol until after the vote in June , will they stay in or pull out of the EU. It's a load of scare mongering. Bromley Estates has never been busier. The Brits who can afford a retirement home are part time home on our gold coast will buy no matter what, but remember many of our clients are NOT British. I would say the market is well mixed with Scandinavians , Dutch, German, French, Norway and a huge increase of Arabs from the Middle East etc investing millions in return for the Spanish governments promise of the 'Golden Visa' for anyone who invests over 500,000 Euro . Now the Americans are pouring into Marbella with reports from respected Journals Like the Wall Street and Forbes who's headline read 'The Tide Is Turning For Spain's Real Estate Market' They went on to report: 'Spain was the Cinderella of European real estate, but Spain is now poised to have a ball. The Iberian country’s economy is back in full swing and the investors that once shunned it for its toxic mix of high unemployment, troubled banking sector and free-falling real estate values are now staging a return.

According to the Instituto Nacional de Estadistica, Spain’s GDP rose at a rate 0.9% in the first quarter of 2015—the seventh quarterly increase in a row. Consumer confidence is following suit and unemployment, though still high, is decreasing. This has lead the Bank of Spain to revise its 2015 growth rate forecast upward to 2.8%—a figure that would make Spain one of Europe’s best performing economies.
Which has lead for one of the US's largest investment company's to announced last month that they will invest over 1 billion on a new hotel and housing development in East Marbella whilst British giant Taylor Wimpy are enjoying huge successes with their developments in Estepona, Marbella and on the Rhonda Road all Sold out, their latest development Jade Beach has only a few left and its not even finished!

Bromley Estates Marbella , now the biggest employer in the Costa Del Sols Real Estae sector with over 52 staff and just about to add many more when we open our fifth development.

Yes, folks this is most certainly the time to buy and I have the property for YOU.

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