Friday, 1 April 2016

In memory of an ould broadcasting friend Sir Terry Wogan MBE

I've had to wait a few months to get this recording engineered in a format so I could post to here on my blog.

I've had many fond memories of Terry going back many a year. The earliest was my 21st Birthday. The party was a very private affair held in a large marquee in my grandparents garden. Terry and his wife Helen were invited along with 100 or so other guests. It was just at the time he had started on BBC radio and couldn't make it but not only did he wish me Happy Birthday but went onto to announce where the party was to be held to all his listeners!!! Needless to say it wasn't a very private affair anymore!! Added to that those who weren't invited were somewhat upset and more than a few uninvited and unwanted party goers turned up making us add to security.

Years later Terry had gone onto fame and fortune and I had moved to Marbella. I was hosting my Late Late Breakfast show on Onda Cero International Radio, one of the largest independent radio stations in Spain, and was delighted when Terry agreed to be a guest on my show but somewhat nervous as he was by then a huge celebrity back in UK with his nightly BBC television Show and his hugely popular Breakfast radio show drawing millions of listeners. I was determined not to come across nervous and at first all was going swimmingly well. In fact all the way up to the end when I thanked him and trying to be super smooth I added please send my regards to Kathleen which he replied to " I would if I could but I'm married to Helen and It's Gay (Bryne Ireland iconic broadcaster) who is married to Kathleen!!!" What I plonker I felt.

RIP Sir Terry for the wonderful years of pure entertainment. I along with millions miss you.

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