Friday, 29 April 2016

Ive always been a huge fan of of author and columnist Richard Littlejohn, His article yesterday's in the British press more or less reflected the feelings of most peoples. His headline read The fascists at the poisoned heart of Labour: on the Jew-baiting lunatic fringe now in charge of Corbyn's party

Have you ever wondered why the conspiracy theorists get it all so wrong and now another one of their heroes bites the dust?

LittleJohn went on to write: The new, virulent strain of anti-semitism is driven by an unholy alliance between militant Islam and the Fascist Left. No, I didn’t write that yesterday, I wrote it in this newspaper nine years ago to accompany a TV documentary I made called The War On Britain’s Jews?
The question mark was at Channel 4’s insistence, but I’m not complaining. Back then it was heresy to suggest that anyone on the Left could be guilty of discriminating against any minority community. If it took a question mark to get the programme broadcast, that was fine by me.
My thesis was that self-styled ‘anti-Zionists’ were using their visceral hatred of Israel to intimidate Jews in this country. Does anybody today, outside of the lunatic fringe which now runs the modern Labour Party, doubt that I got it right?

What a revolting bit of scum Ken Livingstone is, sorry, ALWAYS WAS joining the ranks of low life's like George Galloway etc All losers and all loved by a bunch of losers. Common sense will always win in the end as the world turns and exposes scum like them.

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