Monday, 12 January 2015

This didn't take long before the propaganda machine jumped on the bandwagon, even at this time of sadness, to spread the rumors that an 'unknown source' (Unknown source, you've got to love that??) has be reported that French President Francois Hollande requested that Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to join the world leaders at the solidarity March against terrorism on Sunday. Odd that when it was Abbas the Palastinian leader first said he couldn't attend because of bad weather reported Al Jazeera . Say it sounded very odd. Then he changed his mind.
Odd because the French Prime Minister Valls echoed announced to the world on Saturday outside Paris’s HyperCacher market, “ That France without Jews is not France.”
Odd because President Holland insisted in attending Synagogue with Israeli President Netanyahu on Sunday (see photo)

Netanyahu and Hollande attend a ceremony at the Paris Grand Synagogue to the victims of the Paris attacks this week. January 11, 2014

Why do idiots continue to believe such rubbish hopping to give fuel to terror organisations like Hamas reason to continue their savage ways . Look at the photograph again taken in the synagogue on Sunday and no matter how brain dead you are ask yourself does the French President act like a man who doesn't want the Israeli Prime Minister in his country. How thick you must now feel for believing this!!! Now I wonder were the source of this ridicules rumor came from?????

Packed crowd in Paris Grande Synagogue breaks into spontaneous rendition of French national anthem after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the french President Hollande attend service for the victims on Sundays massacre in Paris,

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