Sunday, 25 January 2015


Shocking moment female socialist activist is gunned down by police on Friday during demonstrations on fourth anniversary of Arab Spring that ousted Hosni Mubarak

And it continues Arab killing Arab. Egyptians killing Egyptian, Syrians killing Syrians, Iranians killing Iranians, Palestinians executing Palestinians. The only democracy in the Middle East is Israel where you would NEVER see this kind of barbaric behavior.

Shaima al-Sabbagh, 34, was shot in the head by police in Cairo. The mother-of-one hit by shots fired to disperse protest march. Protest held on anniversary of the 2011 uprising against Mubarak. Al-Sabbagh's death follows that of an 18-year-old protester on Friday.

Please remember that Egypt also destroyed over one thousand Palestinians home near the boarder between Gaza and Egypt and has kept it boarder tightly closed. Now think about this Egypt and the surrounding Arab states refuse work to Palestinians the only country that allows Palestinians to work in Israel. 1-5 Israelis are Arabs that approx 1.6 million Arabs live and work in Israel enjoying the same advantages as all Israelis , free school, free medical care etc Can you name one Arab state that offers the same to Israelis. NO the only thing they offer is murder and execution.

So here's what Israel delivered into Gaza during 2014 despite Hamas inciting war against Israel and ask yourself what other country that is constantly been attacked would do this certainly no other Arab state.
Over one million tons of humanitarian supplies were delivered by Israel to the people of Gaza in the past 18 months – that’s equal to nearly one ton of aid for every man, woman and child in Gaza.

In the first quarter of 2014 alone (January-March), Israel delivered 94,500 tons of supplies to Gaza. It’s very easy to miss what that actually means for the people of Gaza. The breakdown includes:
40,000 tons of wheat – which is equal to 53 million loaves of bread;
2,760 tons of rice – which equals 69 million servings;
1,987 tons of clothes and footwear – the equivalent weight of 3.6 million pairs of jeans; and
553 tons of milk powder and baby food – equivalent to over 3.1 million days of formula for an average six-month-old baby.
This reflects a long-term effort on the part of Israel to deliver a massive and comprehensive supply of aid to Gaza’s civilians, while restricting the ability of Hamas to import missiles that have been launched at the cities of southern Israel. In 2009 alone:
During the Muslim holy days of Ramadan and Eid al-Adha, Israel shipped some 11,000 head of cattle into Gaza – enough to provide 8.8 million meals of beef;
More than 3,000 tons of hypochlorite were delivered by Israel to Gaza for water purification purposes – that’s 60 billion gallons of purified water; and Israel brought some 4,883 tons of medical equipment and medicine into Gaza – a weight equivalent to over 360,000 260-piece mobile trauma first aid kits.

Now judge for yourself. Humanitarian crisis in Gaza? Not according to the facts.

Most of the produce on sale in Gaza Markets are delivered from Israel.

So whats it like to live in Israel for an Arab this video is a Bedouin speaking from the hart. This video is not what the Arab world wants you to see. Mind you the cynics will say that he's a Jewish actor something Israel has never indulged in unlike like in Palestinian propaganda I showed in my last post.
Spreading hatred of Israel only supplies terror groups like Hezbollah, Al Qaeda. ISIS and Hamas all the ammunition to attack the western world. So wake up please.

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