Thursday, 22 January 2015

So here we go again:

ARGENTINA: Ten Israeli suffered horrific wounds in an anti-Semitic attack at a hostel in a small Argentine village.

Three assailants burned, robbed and beat the tourists at the Onda Azul hostel in Lago Puelo, in southern Argentina, between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. Monday, the Argentine media reported. Police in the Chubut province are investigating.

“It was a terrifying moment, several hours of fear,” hostel owner Sergio Polak told the local media. “They shouted, ‘Go, f***ing Jews, you f***ing Jews are robbing us’ in the Patagonia region.”

ISRAEL: A knife-wielding Palestinian stabbed 11 morning commuters on and near a bus Wednesday, striking in the heart of Tel Aviv and reigniting fears of continued violence ahead of Israeli elections in March.
The attack was the latest in a spate of Palestinian attacks against Israelis over recent months, which has been largely reserved to Jerusalem but also has spilled over to the West Bank and Tel Aviv.

In Gaza the Palestinians celebrated giving out sweets to the children.

While the Jewish world has been asked to report any anti Semitic behavior both in social media or verbal these atrocities are carried out.

How to spot anti Semitic behavior: Non of the above will be found on any of the anti Semites Facebooks blogs etc. Now, stop and think, if a Jew had carried this out against Palestinians there Facebooks and Blogs would be screaming hatred toward Jews.

Cowardly anti Semites hide behind these famous words:'I'm not an Anti Semite I'm Anti Zionist'

Again I ask you pack of morons: Listen and learn.......Most of you blame America, England France, Israel etc for the savagery that's going on in the world today? So look at these two pictures which are two of thousands of similar grotesque photographs and ask yourself this simple question: what the fuck have Israel and America got to do with well over a thousand barbaric murders carried out against Muslims by Muslims in the last 12 months? Then when you answer that then and only then might you just wake up to the threat of whats happening around you.

Still not convinced? No, I thought not. So most of you pick up anti Israeli , American etc propaganda from so called self styled peace activists (I exposed one the other day on this blog) but you lot are succored in by the rhetoric they spewed out without researching any of it. You take it at face value! Well here's a video the world was not meant to see of poor Palestinians murdered by murdering Israelis. But wait a minute did I see the dead bodies move????

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