Friday, 23 January 2015

If you had read my post below and prior posts on Arab anti Israel propaganda you will have begone to realise how some of you still believe 'Pallywood' on face value. i.e the video on my last post of so called dead bodies suddenly coming to life or fathers holding dead children that they claim were 'murdered' by Israeli's war with Hamas and yet that same photograph appeared weeks earlier on Syria after an ISIS attack on a village. There was the famous funeral cortege in Gaza that the dead body that was been carried through the streets suddenly jumped out of the stretcher as soon as it went around a corner all filmed by a Palestinian police drone overhead.
So this morning I wasn't surprised to read this head in the Telegraph.

How true is it that Israel deceitfully gave Ethiopian Jews birth control injections?

The article goes on to point out that none suspecting Ethiopian Jews were given birth control injections without them knowing??? It was after reading this I began to laugh 'Pallywood' were at it again. Just a little research would show that birth control injections only last 3 months!! So you have thousands of Ethiopian Jews queuing every three months for their 'injection'. What the fuck do you think they thought they were getting ? anti flue jabs!!!! Never mind the cost. I'm baffled that a simple bit of research would have destroyed this ridicules anti Israel propaganda.

Here what a small bit the Telegraphs article said:

When it was reported earlier this week that Israeli officials had been giving birth control to arriving Ethiopian Jews "without their consent", the international media had a field day. Twitter lapped it up, too. Here was hard evidence, observers said, of Israeli racism. Some even used the word "sterilisation" and haughtily reminded Israelis that the Holocaust, that thing they go on about all the time, also started with the sterilisation of "undesirables". Echoing Lib Dem MP David Ward's recent chastisement of "the Jews" for failing to learn anything from their experiences during the Holocaust, bloggers and observers accused Israel's sterilisers of repeating the very history that Israel's founders sought to escape from.

But how true is it that Israel "forced" or "coerced" Ethiopian Jews into taking birth control, without even telling them it was birth control? An interesting piece in Haaretz says IT ISN'T VERY TRUE, and "the more the story is repeated, the more warped and distorted it becomes". Haaretz says it is certainly the case, as revealed in an Israeli TV documentary in December, that Israel's immigration authorities are guilty of "insensitivity" and "cultural condescension" towards Ethiopian Jews, and perhaps a "certain level of racism" (as happens in most western countries you needn't look much further than UK) ). The article says these African Jews were indeed given Depo-Provera, a birth-control injection that lasts for three months, both in Addis Ababa, as they waited to go to Israel, and also in the absorption centers they first stayed in upon arrival in Israel. But this is not the case – or it certainly has not been proven by anyone – that they were given these injections deceitfully, without their consent, being misled into believing they were just inoculations is total nonsence.
Haaretz says the Ethiopian women were "coaxed" or "strongly convinced" to have the Depo-Provera shot, not forced. The idea that they were given it without their knowledge springs from the testimony of a few women who simply said "they weren't aware the shots were birth control"; that could be down to these individual women's lack of understanding or confusion, says Haaretz, since "the vast majority of the Ethiopian women who received Depo-Provera were aware it was birth control and received it willingly".

As for the claims that Israel is "sterilising" immigrants it doesn't like very much, Haaretz points out that, by definition, an injection whose birth-controlling power lasts only three months is not sterilisation. It also points out that some Ethiopian women continued voluntarily to receive Depo-Provera even once they were settled in Israel, because they "preferred being injected at a clinic rather than having to take pills daily in the presence of other family members who might disapprove of that decision". As many English women do.

The mistreatment of this story, the exaggeration of it, the warped repeating of it by observers and tweeters around the world, reveals something ugly too: a thirst for treating Israel as a uniquely racist, wicked, barbaric outpost. When it comes to pointing a big, white Western finger at Israel and accusing it of carrying out the kind crimes of racism and colonialism that the rest of us grew out of years ago – a favoured pastime of so many liberal campaigners today – it seems facts count for little.

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