Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Memorial services were held today throughout the world. There wasn't a television channel throughout this day that didn't show at least an hour long program on Holocaust Memorial Day. Not a news channel that didn't run a special edition in memory of those that perished through the years under Nazi rule. The world didn't forget and nor will they.
World leaders, kings and queens, presidents and prime ministers stood in silence in memory of the 6 million, Jews, Christians, gypsy's and gay's, murdered simply because the Nazis decided that they didn't want them to live. One of the opening sequences on the BBC news this evening showed a beach in Israel full of young and old, children and their parents. with the reporting saying that if the Nazi regeam had survived everyone of these innocent people would have been slaughtered!!!!

Our past must not become the future for our children: A deeply moving plea from one survivor as victims return to Auschwitz 70 years after they were liberated
Around 300 people who survived Auschwitz paid their respects at the former Nazi death camp yesterday
It came on the 70th anniversary of the camp's liberation by the Soviet Army near the end of the Second World War
Hollywood director Steven Spielberg also joined world leaders at the camp to condemn rise in anti-Semitism
Survivors and their families gathered to lay wreaths at the camp's 'wall of death' and lit candles
Heads of state and European royalty attended the service at the camp in Poland for poignant commemorations

The Netherlands' King Wilem-Alexander, Queen Maxima and Prime Minister Mark Rutte stand before a memorial plaque

'The darkest hour of human history': David Cameron honours Auschwitz victims as he and Prince Charles meet Holocaust survivors and call on Britain to stand together against anti-Semitism

IMPORTANT: My contribution in memory of those that were murdered is to now begin to report anti Semitic abuse on social networks including Facebook's Twitter and Blogs. The police in Spain taking this type of abuse very seriously in the light of what happened in Paris and the continuing growth of Antisemitism in Europe. I have made copies over the past year or two of anti Semitic comments that will now be handed to the police. I urge others to do the same.

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