Sunday, 4 January 2015

Egypt begins to pave path for expansion of buffer zone, doubling its depth from 500 meters to 1 kilometer.

Egypt is set to begin expanding its buffer zone with Gaza on Sunday, preparing for the evacuation and destruction of at least 1200 houses, according to an Egyptian security source.

The buffer zone would be doubled from 500 meters to one kilometer, according to the source quoted by the Palestinian Ma’an News Agency. The owners of the homes will be reimbursed, added the source.

According to the report, Gen. Sayed Harhour, governor of the region, said that "the government will provide vehicles for free to move furniture for families to move anywhere they want." Last month, Harhour told Ahram Online that the cost of finishing the first phase of the buffer zone – reaching 500 meters - would cost as much as $70 million (500m. Egyptian pounds), after they pay compensation to the residents of the remaining 837 homes.
The only way out now, as the Egyptians keep the Gazians prisoners, is through Israel who borders remain open for Palestinians who work in Israel and for the flow of food and medicine that are delivered weekly into Gaza from Israel. Israel also allows Palestinians fee medical care.

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