Monday, 31 July 2017

As the world continues is love of Israel, more great news for the tiny yet powerful state:

Discovery of oil in ISRAEL means the Jewish state could soon produce 'significant quantities' of 'black gold'... and potentially change the face of the Middle East.

Vast oil reserves have been discovered in Israel that could transform the country into world energy power and change the face of the Middle East for years to come.
Afek Oil and Gas, an Israeli subsidiary of the U.S. company Genie Energy, said the breakthrough came in the Golan Heights, near the border with Syria.
Yuval Bartov, the firm's chief geologist, said there was 'enormous excitement' about the immense wealth it could bring to the Jewish state, which has long yearned for its own resource of 'black gold'.

The first announcement of the discovery was made back in 2015 but the threat by the Syrian war and Russian bombing has delayed the start of production. This could be one of the biggest oil fields in the Middle East as Israel prepares to open the tap and let the oil flow. Add to this the extraordinary discovery of gas at th Leviathan gas field is a large natural gas field located in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Israel, 47 kilometres (29 mi) south-west of the Tamar gas field. The gas field is located roughly 130 kilometres (81 mi) west of Haifa in waters 1,500 metres (4,900 ft) deep in the Levantine basin, a rich hydrocarbon area in one of the world's larger offshore gas finds of the past decade. According to some commentators, the gas find has the potential to change Israel's foreign relations with neighboring countries Turkey, and Egypt.[5] Together with the nearby Tamar gas field, the Leviathan field is seen as an opportunity for Israel to become a major energy player in the Middle East.

Can Israel become one of the richest countries in the Middle East. 2040 it has been announced that ALL cars, lorries, buses etc will have to became electric. More good news for Israel as it i Israel that has supplied the battery technology for the electric car!!

Aiming to transform an electric-vehicle industry hampered by slow charge times and low mileage, the Israeli start-up StoreDot has unveiled a battery that can be fully charged in just five minutes. Which has taken the industry by storm!!

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